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Q. Can I use natural stone for swimming pools?

A. Yes! Stone is a great external material, adding another natural component to the landscaping.  Whilst there may be a little corrosion over time from both salt and chlorinated pools, since the finish is non-slip this is of little consequence.

Q. What depth should of slab should I use for external steps?

A. At Stone Tile Warehouse we recommend a 3cm minimum thickness – extending longevity and minimising risk of cracking.

Q. Should I use a screed or adhesive fixing on my internal floors?

A. Best results are undoubtedly obtained from preparing the floor with a screed of at least 20mm.  This delivers a ‘billiard table’ finish.  However, we appreciate that in some cases this is not practical due to floor level or budget.  In this case we would survey the floor thoroughly and look at alternative solutions to delivering the good levels needed to best show off your stone floor.

Q. How much of a joint should I leave for internal and external tiles?

A. Internally we recommend 2mm, externally between 3mm and 4mm – these are best to accommodate structural movement.  We would also advise a perimeter expansion joint of a similar width.

Q. How can I protect my natural stone outside?

A. Over and above sealing with Dry Treat Stain Proof, a penetrating sealer that helps to inhibit efflorescence we would recommend, at installation, waterproofing on top of the screed or render.

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